Saturday 12.9.



Louka monastery

• wine tasting, tours of the monastery and live music


ZnojmoRegion and wines of the Znojmo Music Festival (10 AM – 8 PM)

• limited edition of 22 festival wines, which was selected by an expert commission for this year's Znojmo International Music Festival. Tasting and sale of bottled wines in Obroková Street near the Town Hall Tower, under the Znojmo Tourist Information Center


Hnanice a Šatov

Open cellars – wine tasting, music program, transport between these villages and enhanced bus and train transport



Wine tasting from local winemakers



Vintage Festival in Chvalovice, wine tasting, music program, fireshow, enhanced bus transport



Winery LAHOFER – wine tasting from the wineries LAHOFER, HANZEL and WALDBERG, live music


Nový Šaldorf

Open wine cellars – wine tasting, wine tasting competition, music in the cellar alleys and live music


Konice a Popice

Open cellars – wine tasting and tours of the local cellars



Open cellars – wine tasting and tours of local sandstone cellars



Wine tasting and sale at the Municipal Cellar and in the cellar alley