Transportation Information

By car

When coming from Brno, take road number 53, from Prague take highway D1 to Jihlava and than road E59 all the way to Znojmo. When coming from Vienna, take road number E59.

By bus or train

The bus and train stations are next to one another. To find out about connections from your town or municipality to Znojmo use the Internet schedule (IDOS).

Useful links

internet bus and train schedule (

Znojmo municipal transportation schedule

Tourist Train

The tourist wheel train will operate on a shortened route during the Historical vintage in Znojmo from Loucký klášter monastery to Mariánské náměstí square.

Supplemented Bus and Train Lines

At the time of the Historical vintage in Znojmo, the city will be connected with practically all the surrounding villages until late at night. On Friday 14th September, the last connections will take place in all directions around midnight. On Saturday, September 15, the last connections will take place in almost all directions around 11pm. We also take note of special trains running on Fridays and Saturdays around 11 pm in the direction of Retz, Moravské Budějovice and Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, on Saturday also in the direction of Mikulov - Břeclav and Brno.
Accurate timetables will be released from Wednesday 12.9.

❗Attention❗ ... To locate the connection, use the search engine, the IDOS nationwide search engine does not have to specify all the links.You can address any questions regarding public transportation to


Departures from the Historical vintage in Znojmo

Evening and night-time transportation of visitors from the Historical vintage in Znojmo will be provided for both on Friday and Saturday in all main directions including Brno. The last departures on Friday will be between 11:30 pm to midnight, on Saturday around 11pm.

Bus links will be supplemented throughout in order to accommodate all visitors.

Parking information

For the visitors of the Historical vintage in Znojmo are prepared parking lots at Plovárna Louka and in front of the High school at Přímětická street. Visitors will be guided from all the driveways to the both parking lots. A free shuttle service is available from the nearby parking.

1) Parking area SOU a SOŠ, Přímětická 50 
   (GPS 48.8659094N, 16.0444697E)

This parking spot is primarily intended for passenger cars coming from Prague / Jihlava. The walking distance to the nearest entrance to the Historic vintage in Znojmo area is approx.10 min.

2) Parking area by Plovárna Louka, Louka Monastery
    (GPS 48.8390428N, 16.0599994E)

Parking area at the Louka Swimming Pool is suitable for all visitors coming from the direction of Vienna. The shuttle stop is 300 m away from the car parking. The walking distance to the center is approx. 20 min. Buses can also be parked here.

Parking in parking lots is FREE!
Traffic is managed by the organizer and all visitors must follow his instructions.

The organizing agency is not responsible for any damage, theft of personal belongings or vehicles.